Bundle of 3 Luxury Linen Cushion designs
Asparagus and Pepper design Luxury Linen Cushion
Tomato and Chilli design Luxury Linen Cushion
Raddichio and Aubergine Luxury Linen Cushion design

Salad Days 'Bundle of 3'

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'Bundle of 3' linen vegan inspired cushions, chosen to complement each other as a set :

Asparagus and Pepper

Crisp green and orange peppers, together with a basket of veg and herbs - early season treats


Tomato and Chilli

Fresh yellow and red tomatoes, chillies and an array of green salads, veg and herbs - classic Mediterranean


Radicchio and Aubergine

Attractive Radicchio and salad leaves, with a selection of aubergine, peppers, tomatoes and herbs - insalata Italiana


All are handmade in the UK using luxury linen, with fibre filling. Measuring around 46 x 46 cm square. Not showerproof.