Pink Flamingos on a luxury velvet cushion
Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos

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 The word “flamingo” comes from the latin word “flamenco”which means fire and refers to the bright colours of the birds feathers and I think you might agree with me that there is no doubt that this is bright and truly one of a kind. 


The cushion is made from 100% LUXURY VELVET fabric and so it not only looks like luxury on the eye, it’s luxury to the touch as well.

You know when you’re looking for a cushion that goes just about anywhere? Well this is that cushion and not only that it’s double sided too.  

  • 100% luxury FIBRE filling (feather filling available)
  • Online only, EXCLUSIVE to Skipton’s House of Design
  • Dimensions 46x46cm
  • Suitable for indoors only


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