Bundle of Three Luxury Linen Cushions
Apple and Pears design luxury linen cushion
Lemon and Lime Luxury Linen cushion design
Mango and Kiwi Luxury Linen Cushion design

Fresh and Zesty 'Bundle of 3'

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'Bundle of 3' linen VEGAN INSPIRED cushions, chosen to complement each other as a set :

Apple and Pear

Classic orchard medley of apples and pears - what’s not to like ?


Lemon and Lime

ZESTY combo of lemons and limes, with a hint of mint - super refreshing !


Mango and Kiwi

Exotic fruit cocktail of Mangoes, Kiwis and Oranges - good enough to eat ?


All are handmade in the UK using LUXURY LINEN, with fibre filling. Measuring around 46 x 46 cm square.

Not showerproof.