Luxury Velvet Cushion with Cherry Blossom design
Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

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 Blossom goes hand in hand with the arrival of Spring, renewal and hope.

Interesting fact: the Japanese loved Cherry Blossom so much they turned it into an ice cream flavour.

What’s more is this cushion is available in a luxury velvet and can be enjoyed all year round, not just for spring and is in fact one of my favourites. Join me in celebrating the beauty of spring.


The cushion is made from 100% Luxury Velvet fabric and so it not only looks like luxury on the eye, it’s luxury to the touch as well.

You know when you’re looking for a cushion that goes just about anywhere? Well this is that cushion and not only that it’s double sided too.  

  • 100% luxury FIBRE filling (feather filling available)
  • Online only, Exclusive to Skipton’s House of Design
  • Dimensions 46x46cm
  • Suitable for indoors only