Tapping into creativity is easier than you think!

If I had a pound for every time someone has said to me, 'You are clever, I wish I was artistic.' I would be a very wealthy lady.  I often ask people what they do on a 'day to day' basis. It is incredible how they suddenly become aware of their own creativity. We are all creative in our own way. Recognizing it gives you a sense of self value and can improve your self esteem tremendously.

I am a relatively new Artist, professionally coming to it later in life, though I feel I have always been creative. I just had to make way for my painting, the timing had to be right for me to decide that this would become my next chapter, and I remember it was certainly a teenage ambition many moons ago.


I am so passionate about what I am doing, and I know this is something I want to do until my days are over, I know that sounds rather like an X Factor cliche.  I even paint in my dreams, very often my latest design ideas have come to me whilst sleeping. I will write another blog about how to manipulate your dreams in order to get what you want, it is fascinating! 


Have a think about what you do everyday, no matter what lifestyle you may have, at some point you will have to use your creative energies, even if it is making the kids packed lunches for school. Weirdly, that was something I always enjoyed. A little piece of art in a plastic box, that I hoped would make my child smile as soon as she opened it!  Rather like Snap Chat, you see the image, it provokes a reaction, then it disappears! Leaving you with anticipation. 'What will Mum put in my Lunch box tomorrow?' I think you get what I mean.


Something else that has always intrigued me about my own personality, I have always been a furniture mover, and if you already know what I mean by saying that, then you are most likely one too!  Every few months, I would get bored looking at the furniture and would start to re-plan it all in my mind, and then I would have to move it around, it gave me a great sense of creativity. Annoying for friends and family because I would often ask them if I could move theirs too! I still move things around from time to time, but I channel this energy now in to my designs, much less annoying for my family!


I love to cook, but I will never just throw food on to the plate, it has to look wonderful, (even if it doesn't taste wonderful) art drops into your life nearly every day, you just have to become more aware of it, and when you do become aware you too will discover your creative self. I would love to here about how you are creative at home or at work. Being artistic is not just for those who have discovered a paint brush.

So, to quote a good friend of mine 'I can only draw stick men', would anyone ever say that drawing stick men was not creative? I am not sure that L.S.Lowry would agree.

Become aware of what you do today, and discover your own creativity, because trust me, we all have it, and use it daily, just sometimes we don't know it yet!

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