How to Thrive as we come out of Lockdown

Life in Lockdown: separating fact from fiction 


It’s a very interesting time is it not? Not just here in the UK where we live. It’s world wide. At some level I feel quite comforted by that ( we aren’t alone) and at other times it’s been the most isolating thing I’ve ever done. This is me saying this in a house with husband,  sons (17 and 20) and myself living in a not very big house. Oh and our dog @brittanyorla who has brought a level of joy to our family and been generous with her love to us all. 


Our design business Skipton’s House of Design has been the toughest part for me to keep going with, our manufacturers have been closed, people are fearful of the future and focusing on the things closest to them, and I got that thing that they tell you not to have which is envy of everything everyone else was doing on social media. Finding the motivation to create  positive posts etc, etc. So about  6 weeks  ago I decided to really slow it down, stop posting as much, stop trying to be this person I’m just not and just let it take a back seat while I focused on some other things. 


Well it really made a difference , wow mentally I felt so much better and I could focus on some other big things that were happening. Family, school commitments, exercise and cooking (we’ve done a lot - who knew how much teenage sons eat every day).


So here we are just starting to emerge out of lockdown, shops are reopening in a couple of weeks, schools are starting to reopen, I think that’s happening in many places now though I am aware it’s not everywhere. 


I’m wanting/thinking now how to reconnect, how to get our business going again, we had planned out a whole year of scheduled events, some of which we weren’t able to do however luckily  we are in plenty of time for our summer launches for our luxury outdoor cushions. Lockdown Lifts and so do we.  

We have been sat in our garden a lot, enjoying the spring joy that is so wonderful and with the weather being so kind to us, the outdoor furniture has come out and on go our beautiful  Luxury Linen Cushions  with their fruit and vegetables standing out in all their glory AND relax. 


The Poppies are out in all their glorious magnificence, the alliums are just about to burst out, Peonies are the deepest colour and our Hosta’s are the best they have ever been - what’s not to love. 


We even had some BlueTits nesting in our garden and had we been working normally we wouldn’t have had the joy of seeing the busyness of the parents as they were getting them ready to fledge. As I send this to post our BlueTits fledged at the weekend, and then they were gone…  

I have a feeling this year that we will be spending lots of time in our gardens so you and me will have a chance to enjoy our Luxury Outdoor Cushions and maybe for once feel like we got plenty of use out of those summer purchases.