Country Bumpkin, me? Yes indeed, and I love it.

You could say I am a country girl, I know that is how I would describe myself. I spent my early years as a child close to the North Norfolk Coast, which I adored.


The contrast of countryside and seaside really did capture my heart. When I think back to those days, I was always on the beach (if the sun was shining), I remember even then, being a very visual and tactile little person. I can still recall the smell of the sea, sand and often mud along some of that coastline, plus the shingle beaches, completely different feeling on my bare feet. I have over the years developed a great sense of being, and able to tap into all of my senses, I love to enjoy the things that naturally occur around me. I never take wildlife, nature, people or animals for granted.


When I was 8, my parents got divorced and I moved to Gloucestershire and went to school in The Cotswold's. I moved around a little as I grew up, but in my twenties, I soon settled back in the north of Gloucestershire. It is a place I always call home, and an artists paradise, full of changing colour, gorgeous dry stone walls, woodland and wild flowers.


I am so in love with my home in the Cotswold's, I never thought anywhere else would come close to its beauty. However, several years ago, on a complete whim, we decided to share our time and love, with another country... France.

We felt as a family we needed some freedom from the 'RatRace' and new motivation, and we adore it. The country is so big, we love the space around us. Time to think, and time to learn, create, and develop. This is my space in particular for creating new paintings and ideas for fabric designs. And it is true, you really do see people everyday with berets and plenty of baguettes, in fact I have to say I do own one, and collect fresh baguettes most days, you do not need to be french to enjoys these simple life pleasures.

My work, or my pleasure you could call it, takes place mostly in my French Studio, simply because I have limited interruptions, and always peace and quiet. So though I am very proud to be British, a little part of France will always stay in my heart too.


This year, 2018, is very special for me as I launch the new ranges of Cushions, Fabrics, Chairs and Footstools, adding other product ranges during 2018. All my designs are colourful and often playful, with the aim to make the user or onlooker smile. Transporting them to somewhere, pretty and peaceful.


I have the best job in the world and my clever team help me produce wonderful products that never fail to cheer up any room, or become a talking piece in your space, whatever your space may be. Perfect for Salons, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, or indeed any place that you might like to be colourful and sociable.

For many years I enjoyed helping people change the things that they did not like about their lives as a Psychotherapist, now I get to help people smile with something I have created. I feel wonderful when I am designing and I hope my enthusiasm for life and love shines through my home furnishings.

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