Beautiful Creatures Peacock Inspiration

My Beautiful Creatures Collection was and remains a joy to create and evolve. My gardens are full of creatures, and at this time of the year usually the grassy banks in the french garden are full of emerging lizards that have been sleeping all Winter.

But this year, I am still waiting for the 'Bleepers' as I like to call them. You can hear this funny little bleeping noise coming from the banks, which I can only assume is a mating call. But, it is still too cold and wet for them to poke their little heads out this year. In the UK, we have had some really heavy snow, and more forecast for Easter, but in France it has been very wet, with lots of rain. We are not expecting a hosepipe ban this year.

One of my featured designs is that of the Peacock, Peacock Blue. It reminds me of the times I took my children to the safari park in The Cotswolds. Lots of beautiful Peacock just roaming freely, making quite a noise.

Here are few interesting facts about these wonderful creatures that you may not already know: Only the males are actually 'peacocks' The female is called a Pea Hen. A family of Peacocks is known as a 'bevy' and they are not born with their fanciful tail feathers either, they grow later, and how kind of them to share the odd feather that actually just falls out. I have collected one or two of those over the years. Would you believe they can actually fly despite being so large and with that long train of feathers. There are also an all white species of Peacock too!


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