March News

Beautiful Yorkshire

Well the weather's been downright appalling - enough said  and it's supposed to be the meteorological start of spring, you could have fooled us !   We did get a dry walk at the weekend, though the trees are still in full winter mode here in the Dales.

So instead of looking out the window we have been busy creating a special Spring range of our cushions that will bring a real burst of colour and fun to your life no matter what's going on outside - and yes we know you love cushions, and yes they can be such fun.

We will be launching the range in full over the next few weeks and because we really value your support, we will be making some unmissable offers - it's The Skipton's House of Design promise to you, to reward your faith in us.


Handmade Luxury

The challenge for us is to ensure that we can keep our focus on luxury and not be lost in globalisation and the never ending rush for the bottom.   

We pride ourselves on rising to that challenge, creating the best on the market - handmade here in the North of England means our production standards are never compromised, and we can boast that ours are the best because they always, always are - check out our reviews if you don't believe me !

We know the designer, the producers, the printers, the sewers - in fact everyone - personally, and that is what makes the difference.


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