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Increase in Demand for British-Made goods

Answering a frequently asked question -



How valuable is Made In the UK to your brand?


It’s a great question and it’s really made me think. What do our customers or potential customers really want to know? 



One of the most frequently asked questions is “Where are our cushions made?” 


Well that certainly gives me a lot of pleasure to answer that question because it’s something that is very close to mine and Antony’s heart. 

We can hand on heart say that they are made here in the UK, in a town in Lancashire about a 40 minute drive from our home. Our production partners make them, they have a state of the art digital printer which produces the depth of colour and quality of design that are so important to you and are what make our designs stand out from the rest and I think you will agree they certainly do


Fun Fact: 42% of International Customers are willing to pay more for British-Made goods

You only have to look at the quality of our cushions to know that they have been made by someone special, someone who cares about what they do. Our designs really stand out and it’s something that we are really proud of. 

There’s got to be a sense of pride with the work we do right? We only want to work with people who want the same as we do which is always to choose quality over quantity. It is a great choice and something we will always stick with. 


Why choosing Quality over Quantity will impact the environment 


When we launched the business just over 18 months we thought very carefully about what was really important to us, what were the things that we wanted. Did we want our cushions to be printed on fabric of that was substandard  or should we really pay attention to the designs and who could print them showing the designs at their very best. 

We found the perfect partners, they’re local, they deliver a fabulous product for us and our customers.

The North of England has long been known as the “Textile manufacturing Capital.” In fact my husbands family had a mill in Bradford making suit linings. Do you see the connection? So, you start to draw on that wealth of experience, knowledge passed on through generations, the passion that is somehow bred into them. It’s generational, it’s important. 

When products are British-Made, it is much easier for us to be able to check their quality, it’s easier to make amendments to the manufacturing process or materials used since it’s being produced here on our doorstep. Changes can easily be made to ensure the quality of the product is up to the highest of standards. We have a lower carbon footprint, a quicker turnaround, ability to see production in person, and we have Low-minimum-order-quantities. 


Fun Fact: In the last five years demand for British-Made goods has increased by 36%


We could  have gone down another route, importing thousands of cushions, printed on cheap fabric, where you would have got poor quality printing and you wouldn’t have been able to appreciate our designs, using cheap fillings.There are thousands of cushions like that on the market, we know we looked for you to save you the bother. Take it from us it is chalk and cheese.   And of course less transport miles is much kinder to the environment. 

Where else can you get that choice? Be taken care of in that way? Know that you are not just supporting Skipton’s House of Design,  a small business, we support small businesses, and on it goes. That’s really important, so you, us and they don’t get lost and left behind. We are in the driving seat, we make it work. You become part of our community, part of Skipton’s House of Design. 

I am sure you agree with me when I say it’s tough to stick to what you believe in, the principles that are important and know that they are at the core of a great business. Choosing quality over quantity every time.   

It is certainly something to think about next time we go shopping on whatever platform that is, isn’t it? 



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