Dee and her Inspirations


Dee and her inspirations

"You are clever , I wish I was artistic” is what people would often say to Dee. Having always been aware of her own creativity and yet only becoming  an “artist” relatively late in life, Dee has drawn from many aspects of her life to create the designs that you see from her today-from the 'Beautiful Creatures' collection, to “Grandma’s Garden” where she drew her inspiration from living in the Cotswolds and her mother’s garden. She could see the garden come alive with the wonderful 'alliums, Iris, Cosmos’ and other cottage garden flowers and multiple “birds and butterflies”.

Dee spend her early life in Norfolk where she saw the contrast of the countryside and seascapes and these captured her heart and where she talks about realising she was a very visual and tactile person. Moving to the Cotswolds when she was 8 she fell in love with the changing colours of the countryside, the gorgeous dry stone walls and all the 'woodland and wild flowers'

Though this is where Dee feels her heart lies, on a complete whim they decided to move to France a few years ago where she had time to learn, create and develop and where much of her “space’ came for new paintings and fabric designs. 

Her collections say so much about her and her the joy she has found through this creative process and covers her love of animals not just in her 'Beautiful Creatures' collection, but also 'dog lovers’ and 'Woodlands'. I think you get a sense of joy and her love of nature and colour.